Technology and Internet in Cuba

No, this is not a normal park with people relaxing. This is a Cyber Park in Cuba!

Most hotels have computers you can access the internet on, but it’s very expensive and unreliable.

Recently, the local telecommunications company (ETECSA) started adding WiFi hot spots on major cities, which can be used with the purchase of a WiFi card that allows you to use it for an hour. Don’t expect the WiFi to be reliable or fast. An hour of WiFi sometimes times out more than it works.

Hot spots are found in select parks in Havana and in front of the ETECSA building in other cities. The cards can be bought at ETECSA and cost 2.50 CUC for an hour’s use (UPDATE: reduced to 1.50 cuc). They often run out of cards quickly due to the demand, so make sure to buy a few when available.

See a Map of Wifi places in Havana 

Get a Tarjeta Propia: is a phone card you can buy at ETECSA to make local phone calls in Cuba from any public phone – found all around the city in all cities.  A time saver when needed to coordinate arrival time with hosts.

Don’t expect roaming phone service: Simple… just don’t count on it. Any (expensive) international call will have to be made from a phone center.

Use offline maps or preload your Google Maps: Galileo Offline Maps allows you to use your phone’s GPS to show your location on regular and pre-uploaded maps from other sites. Of course, you’ll download these before going to Cuba. It is a paid app, but it is worth it.

Stay current with Havana Good Time: Havana Good Time is an iPhone app based guide of Havana that’s fairly current and contains much more than the regular tourist spots.


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